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Consciousness Concierge Volume 4

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

I've been revisiting "Unlearning," a favorite poem by Nikita Gill: "Womanhood is rich with unlearning. How to unlearn the way you hate your body, how to rebuild your spirit after the supernova of love finally bursts, how there are a million new versions of you hiding under your skin.”

In Consciousness Concierge Vol. 4 I’ve collected some resources to inspire, provoke, educate and awaken the new versions of us hiding right under our skin – because their presence in the world is needed now more than ever! Kathy

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"Ladylike" Storm Large I admit, I do love a good F-bomb, but I especially love the way Storm Large lays bare the hypocrisy women are expected to accommodate every day. Great for dancing out the patriarchal rage. Her clever and piercingly accurate question, "What the f*ck is ladylike if ladies like to do what the f*ck they like just like you?" makes my whole body smile.


Truth v. Good

How many times have you chosen to be Good when everything in you longed to be True? This poem from Tanya Markul’s collection The She Book, is an invitation to find the courage and character it takes to choose Truth. My favorite line: Truth is a queen and a humanitarian, Good, she’s a silent, scared little sheep.


Why I’d rather be the Wicked Witch than Snow White Nikita Gill While revisiting Nikita Gill's poetry in her Wild Embers collection. I came upon this TED Talk. She is such an engaging and powerful speaker, and I love the way she changes the narrative around "difficult women" by giving voice to mythical goddesses who have been overlooked in favor of their male counterparts.


Patriarchy Stress Disorder The Invisible Inner Barrier to Women's Happiness and Fulfillment By Valerie Rein, PhD

I originally read this book during lockdown, and I thought of it again while reflecting on the concept of unlearning. Dr. Rein delves into the generational trauma of living in a patriarchal culture, where so many things that contribute to our thriving have historically been forbidden and dangerous and punishable for women: shining brightly, expressing ourselves unapologetically, being in touch with our desires and going after them, loving who we love, being wealthy, being visible, being powerful. The book is a roadmap to "reclaim and relish living in the fullness" of our authentic selves. Amen.

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