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  • What is ALTAR?
    ALTAR is a social and spiritual gathering space for conscious community in the heart of Chicago. We specialize in 3 things: 1. ALTAR is a sacred clubhouse for curious women. ALTAR members can use the space as a kind of home away from home to work and play. They also have access to a variety of free monthly members-only programs to restore, explore and connect with our amazing community of women. 2. ALTAR is a hub for transformational programs at the intersection of healing and empowerment. Paid programs are open to everyone, but member’s receive discounted pricing. 3. ALTAR is a one-of-a-kind event venue. The space is available for corporate offsites, private events, networking groups, & weekend retreats, to name a few.
  • Can I just walk in? What are your hours of operation?
    ALTAR is a members-only space, except during Open House Days & during select programs & events. Walk-in visitors are not permitted unless accompanied by a member or if you are attending a paid program or event. We are open Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm, though ALTAR Clubhouse Members are welcome to use the space (almost!) anytime. For more details on membership, click here.
  • Where is ALTAR located?
    ALTAR's address is 2518 W Armitage, although our door is actually on Bingham, just to the right of Integrative Pet Care. The space is on the second floor with a single staircase. We do have access to an elevator for those who need it. Please reach out to Yessica at and we can assist you with elevator access.
  • Is there parking at ALTAR?
    If you're planning to visit, please leave ample time for parking as we are in a popular area. There is free parking on Armitage and alongside the building on Bingham. There is paid parking on Milwaukee and Western, and we do always suggest public transportation or ride share when possible. We are only a couple blocks from the Western stop on the Blue Line.
  • What programs do you offer?
    ALTAR offers a wide variety of programs at the intersection of healing and empowerment that are open to the public. Some programs are open to everyone, some are members-only, and others are designed only for women. Join our newsletter to find out what is happening on a weekly basis or access our program calendar here!
  • Is this space for women only?
    While individual programs and events vary, our Clubhouse Membership is only open to those who identify as women or non-binary. Paid programs offered on the evenings and weekends vary by event, and several are open to all genders. Event space rental for private and corporate events are not restricted by gender identity.
  • How do I become a member?
    To get started, we recommend coming to one of our 3 Monthly Open Houses to get a feel for the space and the community! Ready to just dive in? You can click here to read about our Membership.
  • Do you offer tours of the space?
    Want to explore ALTAR from the comfort of your home? Check out our virtual tour here. You can also reach out to Yessica at to schedule a tour of the space in person.
  • Does ALTAR offer coworking?
    We view ALTAR as a Third Place - not home, not work - a place to gather, connect and get the business of life done in the company of other curious women. If you typically work remotely, our clubhouse is a great way to get a change of scenery and connect with other women. We have a handful of individual offices available on a first come first, serve basis and many places to work in community. Want to see more? Take a virtual tour of the space here. While we typically don't offer coworking day passes, if you'd like to check out the space to schedule a tour, please send us an email at hello@altarcommunity. That being said, the best way to get to know us is to come to one of our monthly Bring Your Soul to Work days, where you can cowork and participate in a variety of free programs throughout the day!
  • Can I rent ALTAR for an event?
    Yes! ALTAR is available for private and corporate events. Events held at ALTAR do not need to be women only. We love to help curate activities and elements to make your event as meaningful and memorable as possible. Learn more about event space at ALTAR here.
  • Can I teach a class or workshop at ALTAR?
    We offer a curated buffet of programs at the intersection of healing and empowerment. If you're interested in offering a program at ALTAR, you can fill out an inquiry form here. We are a growing community and prioritize practitioners who have their own community or following. If you're a newer practitioner looking to build your community, we invite you to consider joining our community as a member and taking advantage of opportunities to make connections and share what you do!
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