Consciousness Concierge Volume 1

This first installment of curated goodness contains some current and timeless treasures I consistently lean on to shift my perspective, come back to center and remember what matters most.

I hope these recommended resources prove to be good company on your journey as well.


"Healing is Not My Purpose" by Toni Jones

Current obsession. From her I See Me Mantras album. Listening daily as a meditation/dance break. Bonus track: Take Up Space, Sis.


Womankind Magazine

If I could read only one thing for the rest of my life it would be Womankind, an advertising-free women’s magazine on self, identity, and meaning in today’s society. They feature leading journalists, authors and artists – offering a signature mix of reporting and commentary on culture, creativity, philosophy, nature, and ways to live a more fulfilling life. I look forward to savoring each quarterly print issue, and just recently added the digital version.

This quarter's theme is "Follow Your Bliss." I wish every woman on the planet could have the deep pleasure of luxuriating in its beauty and wisdom.


Poetry as Prayer

Poetry checks a lot of boxes for me that prayer checks for others. It reveals truths to me on a cellular level and connects me to a larger story of myself and the world.