Goddesses-in-Residence at ALTAR 


Legendary artist, Lydia Ruyle, was most well-known for her goddess icon banners, or as she affectionately called them, the “girls." She created more than 300 banners that depict original images of the divine feminine across continents and cultures. They have flown at sacred sites to empower, teach and share their stories around the globe.

We're thrilled to announce that Lydia's niece, Katie Hoffner, brought the banners to grace the walls of ALTAR for an extended exhibit we are calling Goddesses-in-Residence
From the new moon on December 4th through the spring Equinox in March of 2022, the ALTAR Community has the extraordinary opportunity to experience an inspiring and transformative art installation honoring the divine goddess in all her forms - including in each of us.

Our Grand Opening Reception was held on December 4th.

Photos are coming soon!