ALTAR is a landing place — designed by women, for women — to pause, align, connect, and be fed by the nourishing warmth of uplifting community. It is a collective of intuitive teachers, lifelong learners, curious skeptics, and sacred adventurers choosing to grow, share, and become in a brave and inspiring space that is ever-evolving and pushing the boundaries of "what if."

– Kathy Bresler

    Founder & Consciousness Concierge

Jill at Altar

Our fall speaker series was a provocative, powerful, and entertaining series of talks that challenge the cultural narrative of aging as decline. 

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come as you are.

wherever you are.

ALTAR is a sacred place for women to gather, create and unfurl. Our commitment to offering high quality hybrid gatherings as the norm means “Roomers” and “Zoomers” can seamlessly come together to learn, grow, create and share from anywhere.

Our Chicago nest in Logan Square