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ALTARing Aging


About the Event

Most people today live more healthy, energetic lives than ever before. Are you ready for the decades ahead? Have you thought about how different stages of your life fit together? How has the past shaped your present, and are you consciously designing your future?


Whichever part of life you currently are in, taking stock of where you are and what lies ahead can be surprisingly revelatory and valuable. Join us for this one-of-a-kind cross-generational experience for women from 19 to 90s.


Avivah will share insights on the new longevity and facilitate an engaging exploration of these issues in groups of same age cohorts as well as across the generations.

About the Speaker

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox is a writer, entrepreneur, change agent, coach and consultant. As the CEO of business balance consultancy 20-first, she works with organizations interested in capturing the competitive advantages of the future of work, talent and demographic trends.


She writes for Harvard Business Review and Forbes, has written several books and given a number of TEDx talks. She was given a Lifetime Achievement Award for Gender Balanced Leadership by Professional Women’s Network Global, and was recently recognized as one of the world’s 40 Most Inspiring Women Over 40.


Extending her focus on demographic trends, she is currently at Harvard as a 2022 Advanced Leadership Fellow researching all things related to longevity, gender differences in aging, and navigating later life transitions into the Third and Fourth Quarters.


A Canadian, she has lived in France, Switzerland, the USA and UK, and worked with international organizations across the globe, giving her a macro-perspective on the demographic trends shaping our world.

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