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Meet Us

Altar - come take up space

Our Founder and Consciousness Concierge, Kathy Bresler, talks about the journey that led her to create ALTAR.

Welcome to ALTAR

I am so glad you’re here.


At ALTAR, we believe that all people, especially women, need a space where they can be

exactly who they are. In our one-of-a-kind sacred clubhouse, curious women of all ages & backgrounds come together in authentic community – sharing knowledge and experiences that aid our journey toward our continual becoming. Here, you’ll find programs and conversations that sit at the intersection of healing and empowerment. You might come to the space to experience the playful, yet profound, creativity of SoulCollage®, attend a talk from change-makers around the world, or come just to hang out and BE for a while in a true third space that feels like a home away from home. Whichever experience interests you, it’s my heartfelt desire that everyone who crosses ALTAR's threshold feels the nurturing embrace of this intentional gathering space & all the wonderful people who contribute to this co-creative community.


I hope to see you soon,

Kathy Bresler, ALTAR Founder & Consciousness Concierge

SoulCollage®️ at ALTAR


SoulCollage® is a creative and intuitive process that combines imagery, self-expression, and self-discovery. Through the art of collage, individuals select and arrange images that resonate with different aspects of their inner world, creating unique cards that reflect their emotions, experiences, and aspirations. These personal cards then serve as mirrors to explore one's psyche, gain insights, and foster a deeper understanding of oneself, making SoulCollage® a powerful tool for inner reflection and growth.


At ALTAR, SoulCollage is one of our signature offerings, and you’ll find a plethora of resources to use when you’re in our space. ALTAR Founder & SoulCollage Facilitator, Kathy Bresler, also offers programs and half-day retreats for new & experienced collagers to dive in and create.


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