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Ambassador Toolkit for

Women, Work, & Wellness

Thank you so much for becoming an Ambassador for ALTAR’s Women, Work & Wellness event on September 21st. The purpose of the event is to introduce ALTAR to professional women who would benefit from the evening retreat and potentially be in a position to rent or recommend the space for company offsites, board retreats, networking events etc…
We are asking each ambassador to extend an invitation to at least 5 women via email or text by August 25th. Depending on how registrations go, we may add social media invitations in early September. 

To make this as easy as possible, this page contains everything you need to share this event with your colleagues and friends: 

The event description and registration link so you don't need to click through the website to see all the details.

Sample emails which you can adapt for your own voice as you see fit. Feel free to cut and paste portions of the description for your email, or use one of the sample email templates below and personalize as you like.

To Be Determined: Social Media posts and sample captions, which you can adapt for your own voice. We will keep you informed of any social media posts we would like you to share and update this page accordingly. For now, please start with a personal invitation, as that is more effective in targeting the professional women we are hoping to reach. 

We’ll follow up with you after Labor Day to let you know how registrations are going.

Thanks again for supporting ALTAR. Reach out to with any questions or concerns.

Event Title, Link & Full Description

You can use any portion of the description in your invitations. Feel free to make your invite your own!

Event Title

Women, Work, & Wellness: An Evening for Multi-Passionate Professionals

Event Description

Join ALTAR Founder, Kathy Bresler for an opportunity to connect, reflect and reimagine a life in balance, inspired by the Fall Equinox.

As women, we have been socialized to feel responsible for everything and everyone. The record rate of burnout is proof that we can’t, and should never, be all things to all people!

In our quest to “do it all,” we are often encouraged to seek “work/life balance,” or to do a better job of juggling. But what if these very metaphors are what's creating the unrealistic expectations and feelings of overwhelm that plague us?

We invite you to join us on September 21st to connect with other curious, purpose-driven women to explore Human Design - a framework for understanding our natural rhythms and innate tendencies. What better time to gather in service of creating a life of balance and flow than on the Fall Equinox, when day and night are in perfect equilibrium.

When we know our Human Design, we can stay within our own zone of genius, creating ease and flow within our lives. Understanding our natural rhythms, strengths, and innate tendencies allows us to see ourselves, our colleagues, partners, and friends more clearly. Knowing how each of us is “designed” helps us relate to one another with more awareness and compassion for differences in the way we make decisions, process emotions and navigate the world around us.

Women, Work, & Wellness will include plentiful opportunities for connection, a SoulCollage®️ experience led by ALTAR Founder, Kathy Bresler, and an introduction to Human Design led by ALTAR Community Director, Tia Ress. We hope you’ll join us in our sacred clubhouse in Logan Square for a unique evening retreat that doesn’t require you to leave Chicago! This event is free to attend, so we invite you to extend a hand to the other multi-passionate women who would benefit from living in flow.

Email Invitation Templates

We’ve created 2 email templates that you can copy and paste as invitations. Feel free to make it your own! On each email, please CC so we can answer any questions your invites might have. 

Dear [friend],

I'm so excited to share that one of my favorite spaces in all of Chicago, ALTAR Community, is hosting a free retreat on September 21st: Women, Work, & Wellness: An Evening for Multi-Passionate Professionals.

This event is all about cultivating balance and flow in every aspect of our lives through the framework of Human Design. You'll also have a chance to meet ALTAR Founder, Kathy Bresler. You can read all the details and RSVP below: 

I’ve CCed ALTAR on this email if you have any questions about this event. Hope to see you there!

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